Thursday, 4 August 2011


Ladies and Gentlemen!

We have a new sensation here!

A real sensation!

An attraction at its best!

You will see! Buy our newspaper, and already on the first page you can read the sensation of the day! Now and today we tell you exclusively about this event! Buy, read and gossip, today as easy as never!

We always have to be ready for the next sensation. Never mind if it is a politician who makes a mistake, never mind if it is a plane crashing over the Caspian Sea, never mind if Rooney goes to Real Madrid, never mind if Schuhmacher goes back to Formula 1, everything is already in the headlines, at best with coloured picture and big letters.

And never mind what it is, today it is very important and tomorrow it is forgotten. You live for the day. Things that are important today are already forgotten tomorrow. Things that might be important tomorrow don’t matter today. A nuclear reactor that is guaranteed a lifetime extension today, might explode tomorrow. A people that fights for freedom and democracy is cheered on today and forgotten tomorrow. All this shows a mentality in which everything that lies behind has to be forgotten, and everything that might happen tomorrow must not be considered yet. But is that really something we should do? Living from one headline to the next, not caring about what happened today and what might happen tomorrow?

Who still remembers the battle for Misrata? Only a few months ago, it kept the whole world in suspense. Who remembers the horrible earthquake in Japan? Who remembers the monks protesting in Burma? Who remembers the genocide in Rwanda? All this are topics that kept the world in suspense at the time. Today they are over, over and forgotten. Today we care about the topics of today. Things that were important yesterday are few and far between today.

But how, I wonder, is this world supposed to develop a moral, if everything that was important yesterday doesn’t matter today? How can one believe that people really care for the things they talk about? How can one believe that it really lies at people’s hearts what happens in the world? How can one believe that the western world really cares about the war in Libya if it disappears from news soon after?

In a world with an international network, just like we have now; in a world that becomes smaller and smaller; in a world where we have to develop a feeling for other countries and cultures we should think carefully whether it is the right thing to only write about things that go well in the headlines, or if we should not turn back from time to time and look for people in other countries that have been in the headlines long time ago. Only then we might be able to get a feeling for other countries , cultures and mentalities. And, maybe, only if we begin to understand each other we can begin to act together so we can save the world as a place where our children can enjoy to live.

This article is translated from German. If there are any problems in understanding, please let me know and I'll make it easier to understand.


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